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Welcome to Pandulipi Bengali Blog Webzine. Time have flown from the ancient age to the modern era , whereas the pen and paper have been substituted by the smart screens. In this evolution, only one thing remained unchanged, and that is people's love for literature. A great number of people around the World still love to read and write stories, novels, poems, and and other literary artifacts. It is undoubtedly a good feeling to see that a lot people have come up with their pens as writer, and they all are flag bearers of the cultural community of this Earth. India have always been proud for the writers that Bengal have gifted, from Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore, Shri Saratchandra Chattopaddhyaya to Shri Shibram Chakraborty, Shri Satyajit Ray. Bengali is one of the sweetest languages in this World and Bengali people truly are proud of that. These days, a lot of Bengali Blogs and Online Bengali Magazines are there, but it takes something to be a little bit different, and that is where Pandulipi Bengali Blog Webzine stands out . A good number of the literary community have been writing in the social medias, but do they really reach the readers who long for good write-ups ? On the other hand, readers who feel like taking up the pen for the first time, do they reach the target audience ? Is there anyone to help him or her with editorial skills, that too completely free of cost ? Yes, at Pandulipi Bengali Blog Webzine, we shall help the first time writers with our super skilled editorial team, to achieve the landmark of being a sustainable writer. Online Web Magazines are a trend now a days, and gradually it will grow up and go up the point where practice of literary culture will be completely paperless. Pandulipi is committed to travel to each and every digital medium of every Bengali reader out there, and writers who write for Pandulipi Webzine will be appraised worldwide. Pandulipi's vision is to create a platform where readers and writers communicate within, and make the literary community a complete feel-good environment. Pandulipi is unique Online Bengali Magazine in the terms of innovative features. It is not only an Online Magazine in Bengali that publishes different types of Bengali Stories, Short Stories, Bengali Poems, Bengali Novels, Kid's Stories, Horror Stories, Travelogue, but it is a complete community of different Blogs in a single Website, turning it into a Complete Bengali Blog Webzine. The word Webzine have been derived from the words Web and Magazine. A superb trend of writing in social media is trending these days, although it is not guaranteed to reach the audience of your choice, may some paid promotion come handy on this. However, in Pandulipi Onliine Bengali Webzine, we provide you with an individual blog if you come up as a promising writer within a span of time, and therefore enjoying the reach to global readers of Online Bengali Magazine. It was a time time when education, literacy and the domain of literature was ruled by a few people, but as the era have changed, we have also dreamt of soaring sky-high by providing unlimited platform to the upcoming writers and elite readers to set free the mind-wings of their soul-bird.
PANDULIPI BENGALI BLOG WEBZINE is the most promising online library of Bengali Literature. Great Collection of Bengali Stories, গল্প, Poem, বাংলা কবিতা, Bengai Love story, Kids story, বাংলা শিশু সাহিত্য,Short Novel in Bengali, রাজনৈতিক আলোচনা ও বিতর্ক, Political Discussion and Debate over West Bengal and India, বাংলা, English language. বাংলা ভ্রমণ কাহিনী, Bengali Travelogue, Novel, উপন্যাস, ধারাবাহিক রচনা, গোয়েন্দা কাহিনী, ডিটেকটিভ গল্প, ছোট গল্প

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Individual Blogs

To be the first of its kind in itself, here you will find Individual blogs for Promising Writers. Should you like to communicate with the author over any series, feel free to express yourself with an ending of a story, or a new concept of twist you may wish the author to put in.

Mixed Blogs

To be the first of its kind in itself, here you will find Mixed blogs for Promising Writers. Should you like to communicate with the author over any series, feel free to express yourself with an ending of a story, or a new concept of twist you may wish the author to put in.

Online Repository

Fond of scrolling through old classics of eminent authors ? Well, we have space and thought of setting up an online library of Bengali PDF, Bengali E-Books, Bengali Literature, Online Bengali Books, E-Books in Bengali, Bangla PDF, Online PDF.

A Revolution in History of Webzine

Pandulipi Blog Webzine is an unique oppurtunity for the brilliant upcoming bengali writers. They can contribute to the webzine by writing stories, poems and literatures in bengali language and reach the worldwide readers who praise Bengali.These days a lot of writers are coming up with their Bengali Pen, creating some of the best pieces of bengali literautre of Post-Rabindranath Tagore era. But many of them are limited to writing to Social Medias, whereas a promising platform like Pandulipi Webzine can make them reach the readers worldwide, which they truly deserve.

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PANDULIPI Bengali Blog Webzine is an initiative of OKOPOT Group comprising of Bengali Stories, Bengali Poems, Current Affairs of West Bengal and India, Political Analysis and Debate, all sorts of Literary Arts and Creative Writings.